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Did you know???

Maryn has categorized it’s products into 4 main brands. Each brand is synonymous with the key attributes of the products within the group:

  • PowerUp – high-performance additives, fuel products, greases and multi-purpose lubes
  • Triumph – environmentally responsible (greater than 60% biodegraded in 21 days) finished lubricants
  • Marinus – readily biodegradable (greater than 90% biodegraded in 21 days) finished lubricants
  • Aeriol – products purpose built for the aviation industry

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Always a winner for agriculture!

Adding EngineMaxx at 5% to the engine oil for all of your agricultural equipment can save THOUSANDS! Less wear, better fuel mileage, cleaner operation…

Since 1980, farmers across North America have been pleased with the results of using PowerUp products. Contact us today to discuss the many hundreds of testimonials that provide evidence of dramatic fuel savings, increased horsepower, quieter operation, better hydraulic response and extremely low wear.

If you have a story, please drop us an email or give us a call! We’re collecting your great stories once again and would love to get you published on our website and social feeds!

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Best Seller!

Aeriol ThixOgrease#2 and Aeriol ThixOsyn are our best selling products so far for 2017!

Thank you to all the dedicated service personnel around the world working to make all of our helicopters and planes safe and operating at 100%!

We are currently taking orders for our best selling, high performance aviation greases for shipment in May and June. Call today to get on the list!

Still several cases of ThixOsyn and a few boxes of ThixO#2 available immediately.

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Reselling PowerUp Products

If you are currently a reseller or distributor of products for automotive enthusiasts, agriculture, forestry or trucking and transportation, Maryn International will be an excellent business partner. We are currently looking for resellers all across North America to carry both our PowerUp and High Performance Finished Fluids (hydraulic oil, saw guide oils, chain bar oils, biodegradable fluids).

If you would like to expand and differentiate your available product lines to your customers, this is a great place to start! Our agent and distributor pricing is extremely competitive and can offer impressive margins for you on most products.

Call or come in for a visit to learn how you can partner with one of the longest running, most recognized specialty lubrication companies in Canada.

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