Aeriol Aviation Grease

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Let’s face it, not all greases are created equal. High demands on components in the aviation industry requires unique technology which can outperform the traditional options. New greases are now available and can greatly improve the reliability of greased components.

For almost 30 years there has been little change to the traditional greases commonly used in helicopters, with little regard to new technologies that have been developing in the greases of other industries. The staple products having proven themselves over the years. MARYN International has developed new alternatives to the traditional greases that are reducing wear, increasing component life and protecting equipment better than ever before. The acceptance of this technology by major helicopter manufacturers is resulting in longer lasting equipment and better lubrication of greased components.

Starting with an advanced thickening agent – the creative minds at MARYN International spent almost 10 years on the development of various components of this grease; experimenting with the percentage and type of synthetic base oils used, to the concentration of additives that make up the proprietary package.

This grease matrix naturally contains many desirable grease characteristics such as exceptional corrosion prevention; it is highly resistant to shear forces and water washout, and has naturally high dropping points. This unique structure greatly improves the load carrying ability of the formula, provides minimal oil leakage and improves water washout resistance.

When combined with the abilities of PAO synthetic base oils and superior additives the resultant grease tenaciously remains in bearings, provides greater rust and corrosion protection in humid and wet environments and greatly reduces component wear as has been demonstrated by years of testing and real world application.

The result: two powerful grease products to be used in a wide range of applications and helicopter models. Bell Helicopter is at the forefront of these new developments and has accepted these products into their approved consumable listing in the Standard Practices Manual.